The Salkantay Trek – The Alternative Route to Machu Picchu

When trekking to Machu Picchu in South Central Peru, one of the most popular routes is the Inca trail. However, other options for reaching the beautiful Inca ruins exists, and one of the more challenging routes is the Salkantay trek.

By choosing the Salkantay trek you will get the chance to discover the Andes Mountains from a new perspective on a less touristy trail. The Salkantay trek will take you 4,650 meters above sea level, challenge you through 74 kilometers, and show you the amazing view of Peru from above on a 5 or 6-day trek. Whereas the Inca trail usually lasts 5 days, takes you through approximately 50 kilometers of trekking along the ruins, and the highest point you reach is approximately 3,900 meters above sea level.

Doing the Salkantay trek you will get to experience this sacred paths’ mind-blowing scenery of glacier-capped summits, lowland jungle and at the end of your trek, you will experience the sunrise above the stunning Machu Picchu. This trek is described as an amazing experience for the adventurous traveler who seeks to challenge himself, and for those who are looking for a bit more privacy and an alternative to the crowded Inca trail. The Salkantay trek does also offer you the unique opportunity to see Machu Picchu on a distance from an opposite mountain, if you choose to do an extra, short trek to the Huayna Picchu peak. The Salkantay trek is said to offer the perfect mix of trekking, culture and nature, and said to be amongst the 25 best treks in the World. Mount Salkantay reaches an impressive 6,271 meters above sea level, and got its name from the traditional quechua language in which ‘Salkantay’ means savage, wild or uncivilized. Thus the mountain earned the name ‘the Savage Mountain’. Continue reading

Staying at Inns – A Traditional Yet Luxurious Holiday Accommodation Option

Whenever we travel on a vacation, our first consideration is always accommodation. Locations with beaches and waterfronts see a lot of tourists booking themselves with beachside resorts and hotels so that they can always be in proximity to the sea. However, for those looking for some peace and privacy there are other equally luxurious accommodation options and one of them is the age old road side inns.

Inns have been made famous by our novelists where their protagonists stayed the night at the inn to relax before they continued their journey the next morning. They were not very plush yet sufficient to afford a comfortable stay. Modern day inns have come a long distance. They retain their homely warmth while at the same offering the best facilities that any five start hotel or resort can boast of thereby allowing you to revel in luxury.

Inns – A Traditional Touch

Inns are mostly chosen by families looking for a home away from home. Their location is another advantage. They are often centrally located giving you the best of worlds, nature and city life. Many are situated at an equal distance from beach, if there is one, and restaurants and shopping centers so that you can give have the best holiday ever. They are styled like homes preserving their traditional touch. Continue reading

Adventure Travel Ideas to Switzerland

With its beautiful and varied landscape, Switzerland is a heaven for tourists. The country, also a leader in adventure travel is flocked by adrenaline junkies all-round the year. Read on to know the adventure travel ideas in Switzerland.


The country has over 60,000 km of marked hiking trails, which test one’s physical fitness. No matter whether one chooses to walk or trek, there are enchanting views of flower-filled meadows, alpine landscapes and forests. The best time to go on hiking is during July and August. The activity is possible all-round the year around cities, towns and villages. However, one needs to take guard against snow and blizzard during the activity.

Visit a suspension rope park

Visiting suspension rope parks is increasingly gaining popularity among tourists in Switzerland. These parks have zip wires, pendulum swings and wobbly bridges. Most travelers fear heights. The parks are the perfect way to overcome this fear. The parks introduce one to climbing safety equipment. Fixed Rope Park on Mount Rugen, Forest Fun Park in Zermatt, Baschewari Rope Park, Cube Active Rope Park, etc. are some of the famous suspension rope parks of the country.


Everyone dreams of flying. Swiss adventure travel is incomplete without paragliding. It is a great way to discover and feel the beauty of mountain peaks of Switzerland. Interlaken, Valais, Bern and Graub√ľnden are some of the great paragliding destinations in the country. The experience is really exhilarating and awe-inspiring. Continue reading

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